Prices On Cigarettes Raising

Due to the fact that state of Virginia has the 2nd lowest taxes on tobacco products in the US, many people come to the state to buy cigarettes and sell them in other states for much bigger profit. Other members of commission have perceived the suggestion with a share of skepticism, stating that such regulation of industry will hardly pervert cigarettes trafficking to other states.

Nevertheless, State Senator Bryce Reeves is confident that funds, obtained from reselling of the cheap cigarettes to other states go overseas for support of the terrorist groups, which US soldiers are fighting against. Other committee member has expressed his strong opposition to the proposition, saying that such situation will force certain tobacco stores in the state to close altogether, and the victims will end up being regular citizens of Virginia, who will be deprived of their right to buy affordable cigarettes.

Cigarettes do not yield as much profit as alcohol regulation and the discussion of the proposition will be postponed. For how long – remains unknown.