Hookah Worse For Health

In the view of the fact that 54.4 percent students, who participated in the research had smoked hookah at one or another point in their lives, 16 percent of the respondents even said that it hadn’t been 30 days since they’ve smoked hookah last time. Study concluded that not only students, but all young people in general are inclined to think that hookah and e-cigarettes are far safer choices than conventional cigarettes.

Hookah is a tobacco device that cools down and filters smoke from burning tobacco. According to the worldwide polling, around 100 million people are now smoking hookah on a daily basis. Moreover, during the last decade in the US alone have opened around 2-3 thousands of hookah café.

But, according to the health expects, smoke, coming from the water pipe contains even more toxins than usual cigarette. Hookah is much more dangerous, because smoker inhales much more tobacco smoke, than while smoking an ordinary cigarette. Besides, one bowl may last up to an hour; therefore it’s hard to even imagine what volume of smoke is inhaled by the end of the session.