European Plain Cigarette Packaging

In his speech Dr James Reilly compared tobacco companies to bullies and advised all the youth in Ireland to take a lesson in the current situation and always stand their ground in saying and doing what they think is right thing to do. He also praised other ministers and Senators for not allowing tobacco companies to intimidate them.

Minister hopes that introduction of plain packaging will significantly reduce smoking among youth, as plain packages will not have the same appeal. According to research, it will greatly and positively affect health situation in the country and will save many lives, making smokers quit and young people not to start smoking. If passed, the new legislation will hit hard the tobacco market, as sells are expected to considerably drop even within the first year.

However, tobacco companies claim that such move will bring even more cigarettes in the country as they will not be able to control the forgery of cigarettes. They deem and that plain packaging will not permit to include all the necessary precautions and that cigarette trafficking will greatly increase.