CVS Pharmacy Removes Cigarettes

In the true spirit of this event lollipops and birthday candles were distributed among visitors, who have pledged to quit smoking, prolonging their life. This move has been highly praised by the employees of the CVS network, who were busy all day clearing shelves at the end of the stores of cigarettes and placing health pamphlets instead.

Besides heart-shaped lollipops (which represent new logo of the company) and birthday candles, employees were giving out tobacco-quitting kits in the form of cigarette packs, encouraging people to take as many as they can and pass them to their friends of family members, who still smoke.

CVS Executive Vice President Helena Foulkes said that selling cigarettes was bad for business. She mentioned that company fighting for lower prices on drugs and inviting doctors was often asked about the cigarettes situation. Therefore, it was voted by the company board that company was to quit selling cigarettes. Due to this fact many have wondered whether CVS’s rivals, such as Walgreen and Rite-Aid will get more customers, considering the fact that they still sell cigarettes.