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European MT Cigarettes Store

European MT cigarettes are pretty cheap and qualitative smokes that are made from the best tobacco blends. Do not be surprised by the price of MT smokes. They are made by TUTUN CTC – Tobacco Company that is located in Eastern Europe. In Eastern Europe taxes are low and workforce is low and that is how European MT cigarettes are sold with this low price. Try MT smokes and you will be shocked with their price/performance combination.

Design of discount MT cigarettes can be compared to design of Marlboro Red or to Lucky Strike. Red and White packs with MT Logo on them. MT smokes are pretty strong king size tobaccos with brown filter. If you like to smoke Marlboro Red and you want to save some money – then you need to select discount MT cigarettes. We always have them in stock, so don’t be afraid to order them online from our online store.

You will find one type of cheap MT cigarettes in our stock – MT Red. MT Red tobaccos are king size cigs in strong packs. Each cigarette has 10mg of tar, 0.8mg of nicotine and 12 mg of carbon. Do not be afraid to order this brand. Even if it is not known in US, in Europe it is very popular and cheap. We can recommend MT for smokers who want to try something new.