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European Leana cigarettes are very strong non filter tobaccos that are made by Eastern European tobacco company – TUTUN CTC. TUTUN CTC is famous for their cheap tobacco brands including Doina, Astru, Fluieras etc and Leana smokes are one of the best tot-filter cigarettes and many smokers like them for their strong and hard taste that can be achieved only with these smokes. If you like to smoke cheap non-filter tobaccos – then European Leana cigarettes is your choice.

Design of discount Leana cigarettes is very simple but yet interesting. Smokes are packed in regular soft packs with tobacco leave on pack. As was mentioned before discount Leana cigarettes are very strong and are packed in non-filter cigs that are called papirosi. These tobaccos are not recommended to beginners they are very strong and not everyone will be able to smoke them. Buy Leana cigs from our store for the best price ever.

We have one type of cheap Leana cigarettes in our stock – Leana Regular. These non-filter cigs are very strong and every cigarette has 13mg of tar, 1.1mg of nicotine and 14mg of carbon. If you like cheap non-filter cigarettes and you like to smoke tobacco without any supplements – then Leana smokes is best choice for you.