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European Fenix cigarettes are non-filter smokes that are very strong. Manufacturer of Fenix smokes are TUTUN CTC – Eastern European Tobacco Company that are well known for their cheap tobacco brands. European Fenix cigarettes are very cheap and strong, not every smoker will like them, but there are some people who like to smoke strong smokes without filter. If you like cheap non-filter tobaccos – then Fenix is for you.

Packaging of Discount Fenix cigarettes is simple – they packed in regular soft packs. In Eastern Europe cigarettes without filter called papirosi (Tobaccos) and there are many admirers who like to smoke non-filter cigs. Discount Fenix cigarettes are pretty cheap and every one can afford them, so if you love non-filter smokes then we can recommend Fenix tobaccos for you. Buy cheap Fenix cigs from our store and you will like them.

We offer only one type of cheap Fenix cigarettes in stock. Fenix Non-Filter tobaccos are very strong tobaccos that have 13milligrams of tar, 1.1milligrams of nicotine and 14milligrams of carbon. Do not waste your chance to try something new, if you like to smoke pipe tobacco – then you will like Fenix smokes they have true tobacco taste without any mixtures.