European Cigarettes

Due to the enormous taxes, imposed by the US government many US tobacco giants are opening subsidiary branches or completely moving their production to Europe. Thus, US cigarettes become European cigarettes. The only difference between the production of the European cigarettes and the US ones is the fact that they are not FSC (fire safe cigarettes).

European Cigarettes, Are They Better Or Worse?

Usually, when you’re smoking FSC it extinguishes very fast and you need to light it over and over again. However, that is not the case with European cigarettes – the paper used in their production is not soaked in chemicals making it possible for the cigarette to be extinguished in a moment. European cigarettes are made according to all international standards of cigarette manufacturing and undergo strict control and testing.

In fact, for people, who hate the necessity to light up their cigarette every few puffs, European cigarettes will be much more suitable, as they will not require to be lighten up all the time. Basically, they are the same cigarettes, only better.

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