Discount Tobacco

The majority of countries that grow tobacco are located in South America, and those counties, that are close to equator. These include Brazil, Greece, Turkey, Italy and so on. While some countries have heavy taxes imposed on the tobacco growing and manufacturing, other sell discount tobacco to the northern counties, which buy raw tobacco for cigarette manufacturing. They are able to sell discount tobacco because they have cheap work force and the taxes imposed on the industry are minimal.

Types Of Tobacco, Used In Your Favorite Cigarette Brands

For example, a lot of subsidiary branches of the major tobacco giants, located in Southern and Eastern Europe are buying discount tobacco from Brazil and Turkey. Tobacco grown in these counties is among the most qualitative and affordable. It is being fine cut and placed in various types of cigarettes. Discount tobacco from Turkey also has its pluses; the majority of Orient tobacco comes from this sunlit country. But Italy cannot sell discount tobacco as the taxes imposed on industry are very high in comparison to other countries, so it cannot export this product for cheap.

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