Discount Cigarettes

Due to the health concerns around the world governments are making everything possible to decrease the cigarette consumption in the country by increasing taxes on cigarettes production. That is one of the main reasons why you don’t see discount cigarettes on the shelves of your local cigarette shops. Another issue is transportation – the majority of postal agents are strictly forbidden to ship tobacco products, which also contributes to the rise in prices and absence of discount cigarettes.

Local business owners have to pay taxes as well and even obtain special licenses that costs hundreds of dollars in order to be able to sell cigarettes. Considering the length they have to go in order to be able to sell this product – it’s no wonder why discount cigarettes can be found only in the online cigarette stores.

Why Cigarettes Are Cheaper In The Online Cigarettes Stores?

Online cigarettes stores that sell discount cigarettes don’t have to pay for the storage of the cigarettes, taxes or cashier salaries, they simple order a needed amount from the manufacturer and ship it directly to the client. That is why nowadays one can find discount cigarettes only in the online cigarette stores.

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